When people have a common purpose and passion to make a difference, magic happens. The 2021 SustainAgility Conference is a live example of the power of community, the impact of purpose, and the outcome of teamwork.
Thanks to the CORE team (Brittney Gray Sumana Podder Rajaraman Kannan, MACS CP, ORSCC, ACC Prasanna Sankaran Rafael Castro de Oliveira Aman Garg who planned, designed, and delivered the conference in less than 4 weeks' time - from idea to execution. Yes - that's more incredible as it is for the community and by the community.
We will be doing a detailed post-conference summary soon. We discovered many nuggets around #innovation, #futureofwork, #ethicsofagilecoaching, #leadership, #collaboration, #distributedwork, and #transformations. I urge your all to commit to #connect, #care, and #collaborate in all your interactions.

Thanks to all our speakers and panelist to make it a super awesome conference. Amol Pradhan Paul Cameron Amy Bourke Steve Tendon Zohair Saif Shane Hastie MIM, ICE-AC, ICE-PO Erich R. Bühler Paramita Debbarman Thomas Bookhamer

We look forward to seeing more people joining the Sustainable Agile Community to help build a better world. #sustainableagilemanifesto
#agilemindset #newnormal #sustainability #agility