Hello everybody.
This is my very first post on this interesting community.
As a new-joiner, my first attempt was to look around to get familiar with the site.
In order to socialize, it would be nice to know how many members are there (for instance) in Italy (or in Western Europe) to build up stronger ties, common activities and, when Covid will allow it, meetings.
My suggestion (if the technical infrastructure can support this feature) is to introduce some new attributes in the user profile:
Geographical Area (drop down menu with options) values: TBD
Chapter enrollment (drop down menu with options) values: Already enrolled | Interested to participate | Not interested
Chapter (disabled field, maintained by the SysAdm after enrollment approved)

Currently I don't know how many Agilists are there in Italy.
Knowing that there are 20 members in Italy would encourage me to create an Italian Chapter
Knowing that i'm the sole and unique italian member may encourage me to ask affiliation to the closest active Chapter.

By the way, reserving a section for each Chapter's activity would be really useful and inspiring. 
I'm looking forward an already formed Chapter to learn how it works.

Thank you for your attention.