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I hope you all are doing good and taking good care of yourself & your loved ones. Following up on my last post and our last session ( - I am glad to inform you that Aman Deep Garg has responded to the call for volunteers and will be contributing to next steps on the Sustainable Transformation journey.

As a next step - we are planning to reevaluate the way forward. I have been receiving continuous feedback from the agile community & thought leaders around how the core intent of "agility" has been lost in recent years by the commercialization and misuse of the word "agile". There is an increasingly negative connotation to the overall "agile" theme and name/shame approach that many scaling frameworks and differently motivated groups are using in the field. I truly believe we need to pivot from the word "agile" to give a new meaning and new way forward. The agile industrial complex has gone far beyond the repair stage - it truly needs a new direction and a new path.

I am impatiently curiuos to hear your views on this topic and I am relying on your expertise and thought leadership to shape the new "whatever" we want to term it. Do drop me a note and post comments here.

Also - keep spreading about this community in your circles. Stay safe!